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Chasing the Rabbit 2: Character Design Exercise

 Here’s the 2nd draft of my White Rabbit character design exercise.

In this version I pushed the character toward a cleaner, sleeker look, as opposed to the dirty/nasty look of the 1st draft.  But even as I was cleaning up his overall appearance, I still wanted my White Rabbit to seem menacing… dangerous… sinister.

I showed this design to handful of people, and ALL of them told me they found it very disturbing.  “Creepy” was the word most of them used.

Honestly, I really like the look of this guy… including his creepiness.  But based on the feedback, I’m going to go ahead and take another whack at this.  For the next version, I’ll see if I can come up with a character design that retains the sleek & dangerous feeling, but is less disturbing to look at.

Stay tuned…*

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