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My Wife is a Blood-Sucker

I can’t remember whether Kim read ‘Interview with the Vampire’ before or after the movie came out, but what I do know is that her natural affinity for dark fantasy creatures combined with her love of a great novel was kicked into overdrive when she saw that jerk-off Brad Pitt…

(and for the record, I call him a j/o simply because I feel that any guy so rich & famous and so universally adored by the women of the world NEEDS to be hated on by his fellow men… otherwise he’d eventually go completely insane and become a danger to himself by taking up activities like attempting to walk from his yacht to the shore or levitating from his penthouse apartment to the street below… so I’m just doing my part to keep the guy’s feet on the ground, so to speak)

…when she saw that jerk-off Brad Pitt play the part of the dangerously-sexy yet irresistibly-compassionate vampire Louis on the big screen alongside that jerk-off Tom Cruise (now HIM I call a j/o for altogether different reasons.)

After ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ I think there was a long dry-spell… but then came the ‘Twilight’ series, which spawned its own movie, and somewhere in there HBO gave us ‘True Blood’ (a fresh new season just started up last night) and then most recently Kim became madly addicted to the Vampire Wars game on FaceBook.

At this point, I think it’s clear that it’s only a matter of time before I wake up to this sight…

She does make a hot vampire though, doesn’t she?  I’d let her bite me… I think?

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Sean Gallo… Designer?

So I’m a designer… sort of.

I mean, I think it’s fair for me to call myself a designer, but I guess the point could be argued in either direction.

On the one hand, I’ve held many different jobs, and pursued many different activities in my life… and at no point (as far as I can remember) have I ever actually held the title of “designer”.  

But on the other hand, I definitely have designed plenty of stuff.  From album covers and show posters for my teenage bands, to a gigantic hill-side easel for holding a massive wall mural (later installed in theme restaurant) that I designed and painted with some friends, to interactive multimedia training applications for delivery on the Inter-webs.

The more time I spend taking stock of my experiences and my skills, and the more I think about my strengths and my interests, the more comfortable I feel describing myself as a designer.

So if we can agree for the moment, that I am a designer… then why this blog?  Well, a very good friend of mine has been riding me for years to “just get some of your work out there”… I guess maybe he finally got through.

Also – I’d recently gotten tasked with some writing assignments at work… and after struggling for a bit without really gaining any momentum, I started searching things like “How to write a functional spec”.  One of my searches turned up an article that advised something to the effect of “The first thing to do is to start writing… write anything at first – just to get the wheels turning… keep a journal – start a blog…”

So, I figured what the hell, and I grabbed a piece of real estate here on WordPress.  As I start out, I figure this blog is going to be a way for me get my rusty writing skills back in motion, and in the process I’ll share some of my design-related work and ideas, and basically “get some of my work out there”. 

I figure I’ll just take this road… and see where it goes…

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