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Speed Drawing

When They was Fab… (work in progress)

drawing of The Beatles by Sean Gallo

The Beatles are a great story… ever since I was a kid I’ve had a fantasy about being there with Paul, Ringo, George & John scrappin it out on stage way back in those early days in Hamburg.  Here is my interpretation of that fantasy.

This is a scaled-down version of the work in progress – the actual drawing is 19×25 inches… looking forward to having a print made and framed.

Here are some close-ups of the Boys (where you can see a little better how unfinished this is just yet)…


drawing of Paul McCartney by Sean Gallo



drawing of Ringo Starr by Sean Gallo



drawing of George Harrison by Sean Gallo



drawing of John Lennon by Sean Gallo



The Z Team

Wow – it’s been a busy summer/fall for me in my non-artistic life!  I’ve only recently started doing some drawing again… and it’s been a reinvigorating experience.  Creative expression really does help my state of mind.

I’ve picked up on the Zombie project idea again, and started designing some of the non-Zombie characters who are going to have to survive in the world of the living dead.

So, here are a couple of pics of * THE Z-TEAM *… work in progress.


1ST DRAFT w/storyline & dialog ideas overlayed





CAST OF CHARACTERS + a bit more definition




MARCUS (front-center):
college student… was on a canoe trip when the Zombie outbreak swept through the cities, towns, and well… campuses.  He got back to the dorm… had a look around… and decided to head for the hills… literally;

TREVOR (front-left):
art-school dropout & vagabond… was crashing at an acquaintance’s hunting cabin when the dead came to town… and that’s right where he was when Marcus found him;

HOOPS (back-center):
biker/mechanic… stays on the move riding with his motorcycle club and kicking Zombie asses along the way… “Live to Ride, Ride to Live” has taken on new meaning… while running for their lives from a pack of TEETH, the boys are saved when Hoops and Co. happen on the scene… suffering a broken ankle in the scrum, Hoops decides to stay with the boys for a bit while he heals;

VALERIE (front-right):
USMC Combat Rifle Company squad-leader whose team was eviscerated when a call to “quell a riot” in Trenton NJ put them in the path of several-hundred Zombies tearing through the city… after barely escaping across the river, Val comes looking for provisions at the mall.


That’s it for now… look for more… sooner or later.

And remember – Kill the Head!






The Heavy Hand

When business gets messy… they call in the Heavy Hand…

Somebody is not going to be happy to see this face tonight…

George Harrison: Something in the Way…

Here’s another commission for Craig @

They called George Harrison “The Quiet One”.  Well you know the saying “You’ve got to watch out for the quiet ones… they’re the ones that will get you.” – or something like that… whatever.  The point is, that while I was working on this drawing, I learned something about “Quiet George”.  It seems that under the quiet exterior, the youngest Beatle  really didn’t like to be screwed with.

Have you ever heard of a Beatles tune called “Only a Northern Song”? I hadn’t… at least not as far as I can remember.  And if I had heard of it before, I’d obviously forgotten.

While working on this drawing, I looked up a list of Beatles songs written by George Harrison [used as background in an earlier version of this pic] and I saw that song title and couldn’t place it.  So I went over to YouTube and and looked it up. You can listen to the song and read along with the lyrics here.

So, the point of the story – apparently The Beatles were under contract with Northern Songs Ltd.  And, one day George actually read his contract.  He found out that although John Lennon & Paul McCartney were contracted to receive song-writing royalties, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were contracted as mere session musicians.  In other words George & Ringo got paid to show up and play, but that was it.

Ooof…!  Hard shot to the ego…

So a pissed-off George Harrison wrote this stinking train-wreck of a song in protest.  The lyrics are pretty clear… “Ill never see any royalties, so I don’t have any reason to make this a good song”!

I think people who know me would say that is the kind of thing I would do in the same situation… so there you go.  One reason for me to like George Harrison.  Maybe I will read about him…

-Sean Gallo

Looking Up

This is just something I was playing around with… I’m not sure what she sees up in the sky there… but it seems to have put a smile on her face, so it can’t be bad.

I’m a World-Famous Animator… sort of

It’s only natural that my love for drawing and my love for music would come together as a love for animation, and – – – Oh… I didn’t mention that I dabble in animation…?  And I forgot music too? Huh – weird…

Historical Note: I’ve been told that the KO Title Sequence was the first ever Animated Theme Song intro of any YouTube Channel… And while I’m not at all not sure how true that really is… it’s still really cool that I’ve been told that!

===> * * * WATCH THE VIDEO… IT’S SHORT, I PROMISE! * * * <===

Well, I guess I just figured that the Opening Sequence for KatiesOpinion made that kind of obvious… I mean, you do remember KatiesOpinion – right…?  What… NO…?!? Why that’s preposterous!!! EVERYONE knows KatiesOpinion!  On what planet do you spend most of your time?!?  I mean seriously – WTF!?!  Why don’t you try pulling your head out of your – – – !!!

I know, I know… of course I’m just kidding. I know KatiesOpinion was never THAT big… But it was kind of popular… back in the good old days… waaaayyyy back when in the olden times of 2006-2008

. . . cue flashback . . .